Welcome to My Portfolio!

It is too often when people I first meet define me in my one response to their simple question, what do you do? My typical response: marketing. In retrospect, design is a simple word that has been the foundation for many activities performed throughout my life. My more meaningful designs have stemmed from my marketing career, choreography (pieces culminated from 18 years of dance study), and hobbies (acrylic paintings and photography). But you could probably say that I (and most people) design everyday- from the words I choose to form a sentence structure to communicate my intended message to colleagues, friends, and family, to the ingredients I combine to achieve the flavors I desire for my evening dinner.

So, what do I actually do? I design and it’s in my blood! However, I find it impossible to design without a context of which to design about. Design is nothing without a purpose and collectively, my designs function to communicate. Here’s a glimpse…